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Some doctors fail to diagnose and treat the root cause of a patient’s chronic constipation and merely prescribe a laxative. So it is not surprising that in time the patient will suffer serious consequences, к would be much better if the doctor were to consider the patient as a whole, that is, regarding his body as a unit and realising that what affects one organ will also influence others.

Of course, there are some people who instinctively know what ю do in such circumstances, whereas others have no idea whatsoever. It is the latter group who need guidance and advice.


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When applied to the human body, the principle behind this illustration will help us to know what to do. In fact, we will understand that a fever is, in a manner of speaking, nothing but an accelerated burning-up process. Therefore, we must see to it that the excretory organs are kept open, just as a fire needs good air circulation. The metabolic waste products must not be allowed to accumulate in the body but must leave it, in the same way as the ‘ashes’ must be cleared from the grate. Good bowel function is absolutely necessary for this, as is the adequate working of the kidneys and the skin. Give due consideration to these three factors and a fever will have hardly any damaging consequences.

When a feverish condition exists, the natural therapy method requires that first of all the bowels be thoroughly cleansed. An enema made from an infusion of herbs can be given, or a natural laxative taken. If the oral laxative proves ineffective, introduce it into the rectum.


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Whenever you notice a hot, red swelling under the skin, or if you already have one or more boils, you can help to bring them to a head in the following way. Boil some ground linseed, or better still, fenugreek seed in water. Apply the resulting hot mash and this will soften the spot and draw the pus to the surface, enabling you to discharge it. If you have neither linseed nor fenugreek available, use hot mashed potatoes for a similar result. The wound can then be cleansed with highly diluted Molkosan. Then sprinkle with lactose (milk sugar), or better still, biological calcium powder (Urticalcin) and apply pulped cabbage leaves. You will be pleased to see how quickly this simple treatment works. As an additional support for the healing process, take yeast extract or dried yeast as a dietary supplement. Finally, do not forget to have your urine tested for sugar whenever you have boils.


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Recurring headaches of any sort can be relieved by applying onion or horseradish poultices to the nape of the neck, the calves of the legs or soles of the feet. In this way headaches caused by an inflammation may be alleviated or even eliminated. However, since headaches may be brought on for various reasons, it is essential to discover the cause and treat it. Any treatment that only kills the pain can be dangerous. Petadolor is an excellent herbal remedy for headaches.

The best and most effective remedy for this is a hot shower directed against the face, or, failing that, hot water compresses. These should be reapplied frequently so that they are as hot as you can bear them. Stubborn cases will need a hot herbal compress. It is sometimes necessary to continue this treatment for up to half an hour before the pain subsides and you begin to feel better. In cases where an abcess, sinusitits or glaucoma is the cause of the pain, these simple applications will not remedy the problem.


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If your children, especially babies, have diarrhoea, give them finely grated apples. As an extra help, follow up with oatmeal porridge. Older children can take the oatflakes raw. They should chew them thoroughly, insalivating well, and preferably not be given anything else to eat for a few hours. For very stubborn cases of diarrhoea there is a simple plant that helps almost without exception. This herb, called tormentil, has already been recommended for haemorrhages.

Put bad cases of diarrhoea on a ‘tea day’. What does this mean? Depending on the gravity of the case and the child’s age, nothing but herb teas are given for 6-12, or even up to 24 hours. The following herbs are recommended: Silvery lady’s mantle (Alchemilla
alpina), bilberry leaves, sage, Iceland moss, silverweed {Potentilla anserina), and tormentil. Furthermore, it is advisable to take activated charcoal (Biocarbosan contains charcoal and charcoaled coffee) to absorb the toxins present in the system. White clay has a similar effect. Food may be directly responsible for poisons entering the intestinal tract or the toxins can originate inside through putrefaction and excessive fermentation in the bowels, causing diarrhoea. Whatever the case may be, use activated charcoal to combat such upsets.