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Ruthlessly start throwing out clothes that have seen their day — regardless of what you paid for them when they were new. If you still have flared pants, psychadelic print shirts, kipper ties, platform-sole shoes, jackets with narrow shoulders and wide lapels, lock them away safely in a trunk if you cannot face parting with them but don’t wear them. Slowly rebuild your wardrobe with clothes that will not let you down. In the same way you might consider changing the shape of your spectacles or your haircut, think about changing the cut of your clothes.

A suit that is up-to-date is vital, so too are a sports jacket in a good tweed, a toning pair of wellcut pants, half-a-dozen shirts and two pairs of shoes. Having established this minimum foundation start adding. Choose clothes that are useful and practical within your life pattern. Be selective.


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In many circles drugs have become part of social conformity — a man takes the drug to show he is one of the gang — or, to show he has money just as much as for pleasure. Whatever his reason, the risks remain the same: considerable.

Because sexlife becomes a focal interest during M-M many menopausal men in an all-Go world find themselves indulging freer lifestyles and so highly at risk with what are sometimes termed the ‘social’ diseases which are venereal diseases, the positively anti-social diseases. Tongues, fingers and lips as well as the penis will transport them person to person.


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Beginning to feel old may account for sexual depression in some men. It can make a man feel less sexually potent and, by beginning to feel not quite what he was physically a few years ago when he was younger, it increases the fear that he is in a sexual decline. Virility is under threat. Then, as if this is not bad enough, fear of physical failure in performance turns him yet further away from the thoughts of sex. It is only when he meets up with a (new) partner who stimulates him sexually and shows him the outward signs of enjoying a physical relationship with him that his fear passes.

These are the men for whom M-M develops the suspicion that there is something wrong with their hearts. Few check with their doctors but rather than take any risks they remember the old wives tales that with a heart condition you should avoid sex — and so they do. In his research in Britain, Dr Richard Bayou discovered that after one of the partners had suffered a heart attack, one-quarter of the couples enjoyed less frequent sex and another quarter opted out of sex altogether. The misapprehension is that if there is a heart condition sexual activity must stop, that good sex is too much for a weak heart to take. None have given up sex on doctor’s orders.

his ego-balloon punctures and starts slowly to deflate. Self-esteem is damaged. The fear of performing badly the ultimate blow. Being constructive some turn to sexual counsellors for therapy for help while others, from continuing fear, turn to the simplicity of abstinence.


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At around forty the body develops its first internal signs of aging. The external ones are already in position — wrinkles, crepy skin and baggy eyes — but now the internal problems make themselves apparent. The most disturbing often concerns the heart. An inordinately high number of deaths in this age group are due to heart attacks. See Aging and the heart.

Because one of the effects of M-M is to make a man vulnerable and doubt his own strength both emotionally and physically, many suspect they have the makings of a weak heart and wake every night listening to erratic heart beats, palpitations and fibrillation. For many this is just part of the M-M syndrome that encourages a vivid and panicky imagination but, as with most physical problems, every man should consult his doctor nonetheless if only for the consolation of hearing nothing is wrong.

It is not unusual for a doctor to suggest checking the blood’s cholesterol count by taking a blood sample. High cholesterol and heart problems are linked because cholesterol blocks the veins and so forces the heart to tax itself as it works harder to pump sufficient blood through the system to where it is needed. A fat-free diet can help return cholesterol levels to an acceptable count.


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However in all reasonable honesty why should a man not have doubts and frustration as the curtain rises on the second half of his life? Why should he not crave new interests or excitement and want to satisfy new desires as increased maturity changes his ideas and needs? For all the outward signs of success or achievement he is on the threshold of middle age (considered these days to start at forty-five). Middle age demands a fresh outlook on life.

Nothing in the rule book states a man must not hope for a fresh start at forty with fresh goals and with a renewed appetite or enthusiasm for action, interest, development and most important, personal contentment.

During the male-menopause as far as the M-M man is concerned it is time for action one way or another. For better or for worse.