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Drugs that sometimes lead to major depression and dysthymia include:

• antihypertensive drugs such as reserpine, methyldopa, propranolol, guanethidine, hydralazine, and clonidine

• anti-infective drugs such as Cycloserine

• anti-Parkinson drugs including Levodopa, amantadine, and carbidopa

• corticosteroids

• estrogen and progesterone

• the anticancer drugs Vincristine and Vinblastine.

What are the risk factors that might predispose adolescents to becoming manic?

Risk factors that might lead to possible mania among adolescents taking Prozac are:

• a diagnosis of Bipolar I or II disorder

•a family history of affective disorders, and especially of bipolar disorders

• unstable mood of a milder degree

• major depression with psychotic features

• attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.


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