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Cognitive therapy is a short-term structured form of psychotherapy based on the idea that the way a patient perceives the world determines behavior. The tendency to see oneself, the world about one, and the future in a negative way often leads to depression, according to this school of thought. Treatment is aimed at altering these cognitive misperceptions by helping patients gather evidence to counteract this distorted view.

Behavioral therapy is a form of psychotherapy that aims to inhibit or extinguish “learned” neurotic responses. Techniques include assertiveness training, biofeedback, aversive therapy, conditioning, contract therapy, flooding, and desensitization. There are a limited number of reports that certain illnesses responsive to Prozac, including OCD and phobias, are more effectively treated with the combination of behavioral therapy and Prozac or older antidepressants man with medication alone.

Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) is a three-part, time-limited therapy specifically designed to help alleviate major depression. During the first one to three sessions, the psychotherapist takes a psychiatric history and an .interpersonal inventory that focuses on the patient’s psychosocial problems. The middle phase of IPT focuses on the problems of the present (rather than the past) through a series of strategies designed to help the patient cope with grief, interpersonal conflicts, role transitions, and inadequate social skills. During the final phase, the therapist helps the patient learn to recognize and cope with symptoms of depression that might appear in the future.

Various studies have shown that IPT is an effective therapy for some forms of depression even without drugs. This is important because there are many instances in which depressed patients cannot take drugs. Some people are simply not responsive to drugs, some experience uncomfortable or even dangerous side effects, and some have other medical conditions that make taking the drug problematic (pregnancy might be one such condition). However, the best results, especially during the acute phase of major depression, came from the combination of cognitive therapy or IPT with an antidepressant medication.


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