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It is not easy to treat shingles and a cure often takes a long time. So it is good to know of the excellent results that can be achieved with the natural methods of treatment combined with homoeopathic medicines. For speedy relief injections of Formisoton 6x and Rhus tox. 12x are given and Mezereum 4x (daphne, spurge laurel) is taken orally. To stimulate the kidneys, drink goldenrod (Soli-dago) tea and an infusion of rose hip kernels. Locally, dab the affected area with a fresh plant extract of Melissa off. (lemon balm) and Calendula (marigold).

Cut down on salt and concentrated proteins such as eggs, cheese, fish and meat; they are best avoided. Fruit should only be eaten if well mixed in with flakes of wheat, millet or barley. Eat plenty of vegetables and drink carrot juice. Wholegrain cereals are also indicated, for example wheat grains, brown rice, barley and buckwheat. Since shingles affects the nerves, good remedies for building up the nerves are a valuable support to the treatment of this disease. Highly recommended are Ginsavena or Ginsavita tablets and Neuroforce, also Kali phos. 6x; these should be taken three times a day.


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