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People of a lymphatic constitution, who frequently have reason to complain of swollen glands, should make the fullest use possible of all available berries. They are excellent for the glands, and may also help to reduce susceptibility to infectious diseases of the respiratory organs.

When there are sufficient vitamins and minerals in the blood, most of the ailments associated with pregnancy can be avoided. Since vitamin Ñ prevents morning sickness, it is recommended to eat food rich in this vitamin during pregnancy.

Allergic problems and the weariness often felt in the spring, the so-called ‘spring fever’, will be alleviated or even overcome by eating plenty of berries. Of course, we are referring to berries in their fresh, raw state. Eat as many as possible before preserving or bottling the surplus. You must remember, however, not to use white sugar for preserving, since it is a calcium robber and can cause problems. Rely on the fruit’s own sugar instead, which, after all, is the most valuable sugar of all and berries are very rich in it. Since extra sugar is needed to make jam, use unrefined brown cane sugar with at least 10-20 per cent grape concentrate added, to give it still greater nutritional value.


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