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On the other hand, our own domestic animals are not necessarily safe either and can also transmit disease. For instance, it is possible to contract brucellosis by drinking infected raw milk. This animal disease, which is characterised by a recurrent or undulating fever is by no means pleasant and is difficult to cure, unless powerful doses of vitamin E are given. Most people know that cats and dogs can easily transmit worms to humans if no care is taken and close contact with the animals maintained. For one thing, never let these pets lick your hands when they try to show their joy and enthusiasm. Then there are some forms of eczema that can be transmitted to humans by cows, mainly the calves. Beware of these conditions too, since it is often very hard to cure them. Dab the eruption at once with diluted Molkosan (whey concentrate). It usually helps to kill the causative agents.

Moreover, do not think of flies and mosquitoes as being harmless and entitled to fly around your home. Make a determined effort to rid the home of these and other insects and you will be much less likely to suffer from infectious diseases.


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