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As part of the full Immune for Life program. Nutria-Prevention can give your “Doctor Within” a big boost. But please, do not use vitamin and mineral supplements as a substitute for nutritious eating. Supplements are just that: something that’s added to your regular regimen. The FULFILLMENT, REJUVENATION, RESTORATION and REBIRTH programs help fill nutrient gaps and add strength to your “doctor within,” but they aren’t meant to replace everyday healthy eating. Be sure to eat plenty of Super Foods and other healthy foods.

In the right amounts, vitamin and mineral supplements can be extremely helpful. But too much of anything, even a good thing, can be dangerous. So please resist the temptation to double or triple your supplement levels.

I have to admit, however, that we doctors don’t always agree on how much is enough. The Recommended Daily Allowance will keep you out of the hospital. How much is it necessary to take for the best possible health? The debate is raging, and slowly a consensus seems to be emerging that we could benefit from higher levels of many vitamins and minerals. I believe that in the future we will see RDAs much higher than they are now.

Linus Pauling told an interesting story at the Second International Symposium o.n Stress Management, in 1979. Speaking to an audience of physicians and scientists, including four other Nobel prize winners, Dr. Pauling held up a glass test tube filled with white powder. He explained.that the test tube contained 13 grams of vitamin C powder, the amount of vitamin C a 150-pound jackass produces every day. Then he held up a second test tube that was empty. This, he said, represents the amount of vitamin C a human makes every day: none. Next he showed a third test tube, containing a tiny bit of powder. This is how much vitamin C the government says we need every day, he said.

He looked from one test tube to the next, comparing the amount of of vitamin C a jackass makes to the amount the government says humans need. Then, to the great delight of the audience, he smiled and said: “Wouldn’t you know it? A jackass knows more about vitamin C than our government does.”

It’s too bad we humans aren’t like jackasses, and just about every other animal. They can make their own vitamin C; we can’t. Our bodies don’t manufacture any vitamins and minerals in sufficient amounts. We’re at the mercy of our diet to provide these vital substances. So make sure that everything you eat has lots of the vitamins, minerals, complex carbohydrates, fiber and other nutrients you need to build vibrant health and happiness.


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