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It is an unmistakable symptom that the liver is somehow out of order when the patient can no longer stand the sight or smell of fatty or fried food. For instance, if you cannot tolerate fried potatoes any longer although they used to be a favourite dish, you can be sure that you are suffering from a liver disorder, which will need careful attention. Another symptom of a liver problem is an extreme sensitivity to fruit, for example, oranges or orange juice suddenly upset you, or stone fruits no longer agree with you. In this case your liver has lost its ability to digest the fruit acid. A further liver symptom may be seen in an irksome itching that can turn out to be so unbearable that you would like to scratch until you bleed. An insatiable sensation of thirst can also be considered as a symptom of liver disorder, unless, of course, it is a sign of pancreatic insufficiency or even diabetes.

We feel depressed, everything seems dismal, without our really knowing why we feel that way. Nothing cheers us up anymore and we are usually morose and in a bad mood. Instead of seeking the cause of the problem within ourselves we are more of the opinion that the whole world is against us. So, when others in the family confirm that we are often quite unbearable, we can be sure that our liver is out of order.


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