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Many people, and more particularly women, often complain about a pounding of the heart without being able to explain its cause. Naturally, when climbing stairs rapidly everyone becomes aware of a faster heart beat. However, if you frequently experience a rapid heart beat without prior physical exertion or emotional upset, it would be wise to undergo a thyroid test.

A hyperactive thyroid has certain characteristics. Other symptoms are loss of hair, diarrhoea, and often a feeling of tension and anxiety. The basal metabolic rate is increased and the eyes take on a distinct shine. The doctor’s examination will usually reveal a swelling of the thyroid gland, a goitre.

Goitre, as a result of either an overactive or underactive thyroid, is much more frequent than many people are aware, particularly in land-locked countries such as my native Switzerland, or the central plains of the United States. Many sufferers simply resign themselves to a constant state of nervousness and hypersensitivity, two of the unpleasant symptoms of this complaint.


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