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Using the Breath
If possible lie on the floor with your knees up and your feet flat on the floor; if this is not possible sit in a straight-backed chair and drop your shoulders. Breathe in and push your abdomen out; breathe out and pull your abdomen in and upwards towards the ribs. Continue for ten minutes. It would be surprising if this did not ease the spasm and allow you to get rid of some of the wind.
Pressure Points for Wind

Many alternative therapies share the belief (although they may have different names for it) that the body runs on a subtle form of electrical energy which runs in channels through the body. When the flow is interrupted in these channels – often by tension -discomfort or disease can result. Although there are many ways of correcting the energy flow, acupressure is one of the simplest. Here are some points to try.
1 Let your arms hang by your sides and poke around on the outer edge of the thigh where your middle finger ends until you find a tender area; sometimes it feels as if you are pressing on grains of sand. Press or massage until you feel rumblings in your gut.
2 Hold out your arm and stick up your thumb as though you are hitching a lift. With the other hand feel around in the little depression right on the tip of the shoulder. Repeat for the other side. There can be some marked differences in these two points; if one side is very sore note what you do with that shoulder, are you holding it somewhere up around your ear? Tense shoulders play havoc with the digestive system.

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