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To make the above statement clear, we cite the following example :
A lady is suffering from occasional attacks of severe migraine, which have increased in frequency and intensity since her brother was hospitalised after meeting a severe road accident. The lady is known to have a very impatient nature.
She would require, the first instance a combination remedy of (1) Impatiens and (2) Red chestnut + Cherry Plum. After a week she will feel much better, because RED CHESTNUT would relieve her of the anxiety for her brother. Therefore, she can continue with IMPATIENS + CHERRY PLUM till such time that she attains a normal temperament as different from Impatient nature. It is only when she can rid herself from impatience that she would be finally cured of her migraine.
In the above case IMPATIENS is her constitutional medicine and it would have to be given along with any other remedy which may be required for any other symptoms.

Effect of Bach Remedies on different persons is different. It depends on the sensitivity of the patient.
In very sensitive people the effect of the 1st dose is almost instantaneous. Those people who have an open mind and do not have an antagonism to the Bach Flower Remedies quickly respond to the treatment by this system. Patients who are pessimistic by nature and doubt if this new system can be any good would need to be given GENTIAN for a few days before starting treatment with other remedies.
Patients with chronic disease who have lost all hope of ever being well would require GORSE for a few days before being given other remedies.

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