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As you begin to eat, pay attention to the food in your mouth. What does the physical presence of that particular food feel like in your mouth? What is the texture of the food? Is it hard? Soft? As you bite into it, what is its taste? What flavors are you experiencing? Think about the experience of chewing each particular food. Focus on the act of swallowing. What is the experience of the food going down your throat and into your body?In order to pay so much attention to the details of your eating experience, you must eat slowly. This may be a new experience for you. Most people eat very quickly. Studies show that many meals are consumed in as little as five minutes. Take your time and slow yourself down. This is very important.To convince yourself to eat more slowly you are going to have to convince yourself that eating is an important activity. When you say, “I don’t have time to eat slowly,” you are saying that other activities in your life are more important than eating. This may have been true in the past, but if you want to overcome binge eating, you must change. I realize that you have certain time constraints as well as responsibilities and obligations. I am not telling you to give all those up. I am simply saying that food and eating must have a higher priority in your life than they had previously.*71\358\8*

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