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Feeling your baby’s first movements must be one of life’s most wonderful experiences, knowing that first little flutter is the sign that your baby is growing inside you. As the weeks go by the movements will get stronger and your partner will be able to experience this wonderful feeling with you. This should also make you feel more at ease, knowing that your baby is doing well and is active. By the seventh month you might see a foot shape or a little hand or bottom imprinted in your stomach.At the end of the pregnancy before the baby’s head engages, the baby will be very active, moving around from side to side. Once it has engaged, however, you will notice that the movements are much less. This is because the head is now engaged in the pelvis and is unable to move around much.Any appreciable change in fetal activity, whether increased or decreased, may be a cause for concern and the woman should notify her medical practitioner immediately. Generally women should note 10 movements in a 12 hour period. If you don’t notice any movements then contact your practitioner or the midwife.*4/199/5*

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