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If you follow this program with commitment and determination and put all the elements into practice, you will achieve three major changes in your life:• You will stop binge eating• You will lose weight• You will regain control of your lifeStudies have shown that the majority of people who follow the guidelines that I am about to share with you show great improvement in their control over food. Most stop binge eating altogether. Some find that, from time to time, under conditions of great stress, they temporarily fall back into their old binge habits. These lapses are both short-term and few and far between.As you gain control over your binge eating you will begin to lose weight. It is important to remain patient and stay focused on your main problem, binge eating. Successful weight control is a by-product of your success with binge behavior. Do not get caught up with quick weight loss. You will lose weight, but it will be steady and gradual. Remember: fad, rigid, ultra-low-calorie diets are part of your problem. These diets offer false hope, eventual disappointment, and discouragement. They are your enemy.When you stop binge eating and begin to lose weight you will also notice a drastic change in your life. My program not only shows you how to change your behavior but also how to change your attitude about yourself and your life. You will experience improvements in mood and self-image. You will begin to believe in yourself once again. You’ll regain control of your mind and body. You will begin to care about yourself and your life in a much more significant way. You will begin to take care of yourself and make yourself a higher priority. Your life will take on new meaning, purpose, and passion.Now that you are ready, let’s begin your journey to freedom and self-control.*60\358\8*