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To make the above statement clear, we cite the following example :
A lady is suffering from occasional attacks of severe migraine, which have increased in frequency and intensity since her brother was hospitalised after meeting a severe road accident. The lady is known to have a very impatient nature.
She would require, the first instance a combination remedy of (1) Impatiens and (2) Red chestnut + Cherry Plum. After a week she will feel much better, because RED CHESTNUT would relieve her of the anxiety for her brother. Therefore, she can continue with IMPATIENS + CHERRY PLUM till such time that she attains a normal temperament as different from Impatient nature. It is only when she can rid herself from impatience that she would be finally cured of her migraine.
In the above case IMPATIENS is her constitutional medicine and it would have to be given along with any other remedy which may be required for any other symptoms.
Effect of Bach Remedies on different persons is different. It depends on the sensitivity of the patient.
In very sensitive people the effect of the 1st dose is almost instantaneous. Those people who have an open mind and do not have an antagonism to the Bach Flower Remedies quickly respond to the treatment by this system. Patients who are pessimistic by nature and doubt if this new system can be any good would need to be given GENTIAN for a few days before starting treatment with other remedies.
Patients with chronic disease who have lost all hope of ever being well would require GORSE for a few days before being given other remedies.

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In its natural habitat, the evening primrose is an unassuming little plant with pretty yellow flowers which likes to grow wild along waysides. It’s happiest in sand dunes, along railway sidings, waste sites, and country roadsides. And although you can still easily spot the evening primrose in its natural state, there are now whole fields of it being grown by farmers as a cash crop. For it is from this crop that the millions of tiny seeds which make the precious oil are harvested.
Strictly speaking, the evening primrose is not a primrose at all. It is related to the rose bay willow herb family, and to the popular garden flowers clarkia and godetia.
It acquired its name because its bright yellow flowers look like the colour of real primroses, and because its flowers open in the evening. It has the curious habit of blooming between 6 and 7 o’clock in the evening, when eight or ten of the largest fragrant flowers can burst open every minute. The flower usually lasts for the whole of the next day, particularly in dull weather, but in bright sunlight the flowers fade quite quickly. In England, the plant flowers from the end of June to mid August.
Experts who classify plants (taxonomists) will tell you that the evening primrose belongs to the order Myrtiflorae, family Onagraceae, genus Oenotherae. The generic name comes from the Greek oinos (wine) and thera (hunt). According to herbals, this described a plant – probably a willow herb – which gave one a relish for wine if the roots were eaten. Another interpretation is that the plant dispelled the ill effects of wine, and this fits in better with modern research. Herbals describe the evening primrose as being astringent and sedative, and the oil helpful in treating gastro-intestinal disorders, asthma, whooping cough, female complaints, and wound healing.


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No one can prevent the process of aging, nor waning vitality, which can take place at different rates for different people. There is little point in being too grieved about it; just remember that you have gained experience, wisdom and skills in those past years, things that can help you to replace the decreasing energy to the extent that the achievements of an experienced man are able to surpass those of a youth still full of vitality. Even in the area of technology it is not so much the existing knowledge and power but their skilful use that raises its potential to the maximum heights.


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On the other hand, our own domestic animals are not necessarily safe either and can also transmit disease. For instance, it is possible to contract brucellosis by drinking infected raw milk. This animal disease, which is characterised by a recurrent or undulating fever is by no means pleasant and is difficult to cure, unless powerful doses of vitamin E are given. Most people know that cats and dogs can easily transmit worms to humans if no care is taken and close contact with the animals maintained. For one thing, never let these pets lick your hands when they try to show their joy and enthusiasm. Then there are some forms of eczema that can be transmitted to humans by cows, mainly the calves. Beware of these conditions too, since it is often very hard to cure them. Dab the eruption at once with diluted Molkosan (whey concentrate). It usually helps to kill the causative agents.

Moreover, do not think of flies and mosquitoes as being harmless and entitled to fly around your home. Make a determined effort to rid the home of these and other insects and you will be much less likely to suffer from infectious diseases.


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While milk is a valuable food for growing children, is must be free from impurities and pathogenic matter, which it may contain if the animals are housed under poor hygienic conditions. Some farmers use excessive quantities of concentrated feed or artificial fertilisers for their fields. Milk produced by their cows is not 100 per cent safe and the consumer would be advised to boil it. Since in some countries there is still the danger of brucellosis, in this case, too, it would also be advisable to boil milk. However, if you are fortunate enough to live, or spend your holidays, in the mountains where the cows roam freely, no such safety measures will be needed and you can drink the milk without any hesitation or risk. Good pure milk and wholewheat bread, and of course vegetables and fruit and other natural, wholesome foods, are essential to good growth and health.


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People of a lymphatic constitution, who frequently have reason to complain of swollen glands, should make the fullest use possible of all available berries. They are excellent for the glands, and may also help to reduce susceptibility to infectious diseases of the respiratory organs.

When there are sufficient vitamins and minerals in the blood, most of the ailments associated with pregnancy can be avoided. Since vitamin Ñ prevents morning sickness, it is recommended to eat food rich in this vitamin during pregnancy.

Allergic problems and the weariness often felt in the spring, the so-called ‘spring fever’, will be alleviated or even overcome by eating plenty of berries. Of course, we are referring to berries in their fresh, raw state. Eat as many as possible before preserving or bottling the surplus. You must remember, however, not to use white sugar for preserving, since it is a calcium robber and can cause problems. Rely on the fruit’s own sugar instead, which, after all, is the most valuable sugar of all and berries are very rich in it. Since extra sugar is needed to make jam, use unrefined brown cane sugar with at least 10-20 per cent grape concentrate added, to give it still greater nutritional value.


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Eggs should come from healthy, naturally fed, free-running (free-range) poultry, if at all possible. When eaten raw, they are more wholesome than any other way. However, since it is quite possible that eggs contain hazardous bacteria, great care should be taken in choosing one’s supplier. Sick chickens usually carry these bacteria and can transmit them through their eggs. Duck eggs are known as carriers of the paratyphoid bacillus, although the birds themselves may appear to be quite healthy. For this reason, be especially careful with duck eggs.

Raw egg stimulates the flow of bile. Healthy eggs can be beaten raw into soup before serving, or mixed with honey or some other natural sugar and eaten in this way. Eggs are also rich in protein, especially the yolk, although most people make the mistake of assuming that the protein is found chiefly in the egg white.


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It is an unmistakable symptom that the liver is somehow out of order when the patient can no longer stand the sight or smell of fatty or fried food. For instance, if you cannot tolerate fried potatoes any longer although they used to be a favourite dish, you can be sure that you are suffering from a liver disorder, which will need careful attention. Another symptom of a liver problem is an extreme sensitivity to fruit, for example, oranges or orange juice suddenly upset you, or stone fruits no longer agree with you. In this case your liver has lost its ability to digest the fruit acid. A further liver symptom may be seen in an irksome itching that can turn out to be so unbearable that you would like to scratch until you bleed. An insatiable sensation of thirst can also be considered as a symptom of liver disorder, unless, of course, it is a sign of pancreatic insufficiency or even diabetes.

We feel depressed, everything seems dismal, without our really knowing why we feel that way. Nothing cheers us up anymore and we are usually morose and in a bad mood. Instead of seeking the cause of the problem within ourselves we are more of the opinion that the whole world is against us. So, when others in the family confirm that we are often quite unbearable, we can be sure that our liver is out of order.


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It is alarming to think how easily we can be poisoned, especially today when the use of chemicals on farms and in food processing is so commonplace.

Cold meats and processed luncheon meats pose a particular risk, as do commercially prepared, precooked meals.

Anyone who has visited or lived in a tropical or subtropical climate knows how dangerous it is to eat fruit that has not been thoroughly cleaned. In the tropics, a cucumber salad made with unpeeled cucumbers can actually endanger your life. To be on the safe side, it is better to eat fruits that can be peeled, for example bananas and oranges.


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It is not easy to treat shingles and a cure often takes a long time. So it is good to know of the excellent results that can be achieved with the natural methods of treatment combined with homoeopathic medicines. For speedy relief injections of Formisoton 6x and Rhus tox. 12x are given and Mezereum 4x (daphne, spurge laurel) is taken orally. To stimulate the kidneys, drink goldenrod (Soli-dago) tea and an infusion of rose hip kernels. Locally, dab the affected area with a fresh plant extract of Melissa off. (lemon balm) and Calendula (marigold).

Cut down on salt and concentrated proteins such as eggs, cheese, fish and meat; they are best avoided. Fruit should only be eaten if well mixed in with flakes of wheat, millet or barley. Eat plenty of vegetables and drink carrot juice. Wholegrain cereals are also indicated, for example wheat grains, brown rice, barley and buckwheat. Since shingles affects the nerves, good remedies for building up the nerves are a valuable support to the treatment of this disease. Highly recommended are Ginsavena or Ginsavita tablets and Neuroforce, also Kali phos. 6x; these should be taken three times a day.